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Lash Fox Beauty is proud to use Bright Smile Teeth Whitening Gels

Bright Smile uses only the highest quality and concentration of teeth whitening gels available
on the market. The Bright Smile Gels are manufactured in North America.
They are made in FDA/CSA approved facilities and follow Health Canada product guide lines.
Our gels are Dentist approved, vegan, certified Kosher, not tested on animals and contain essential oils.

We use a specialized whitening light that has both blue and red light treatments. It is a cool light so you will feel no heat as it works. The blue light activates and accelerates the whitening gel, while helping to kill bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. The red light can assist with gum inflammation and tissue damage and may even be able to help prevent tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening can remove stains from dental restorations as well as our own teeth. Keep in mind any crowns, veneers, fillings can only be returned to the color they were at time of installation. They cannot be whitened further.

Teeth whitening is considered safe for almost everyone. If you are pregnant or nursing you must consult your doctor prior to service. We cannot service anyone who is pregnant or nursing; children under 16 years of age; anyone who has had recent dental surgery; anyone with periodontal disease, tooth decay, cavities and exposed roots; anyone who is allergic to teeth bleaching whitening agents like peroxide; or anyone with extremely sensitive teeth.

If you have questions about this service please contact us prior to booking your appointment.

Teeth Whitening Service$125
Refresher at 6 months (no earlier, no later)$95