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Frequently Asked Questions!

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What do I wear?

Most people wear only bottoms. However, this is a personal decision, so wear whatever you’re comfortable with, just remember that the tanning solution may stain. If you’d like you can wear a bathing suit or we offer disposable bras and panties if you prefer. Typically, the product will wash out because it’s water-soluble. Men must wear bottoms.

What do I do before my tan?

Shower the morning of your spray tan using ONLY WATER. No soaps or scrubs. The best option is to use a wash cloth and exfoliate your entire body really good. Do NOT moisturize, do NOT put on perfume or deodorant. You can wear makeup, but we will remove it prior to the sunless-tanning session. The less product the better! Any product on your body from soaps to moisturizers will leave a barrier on your skin not allowing the spray tan to set on your skin properly. Products to avoid is NO DOVE SOAPS especially in the form of a bar. Nothing with a lot of fragrance such as Bath and Body Works and also NO coconut oil. The oil can leave a residue on your skin causing streaking.

What about after my tan?

Immediately following the session you’ll be asked to “dry off” for about 3-4 minutes. We recommend not showering, exercising, swimming, steam rooming, hot yoga, etc. for at least 8-12 hours to ensure you don’t diminish the tans intensity. It is recommended to have a quick rinse off shower with water only before bed to remove any guide color and protect your sheets. Please wear loose fitting, dark clothes after your spray tan.

Can I get a spray tan at the same appointment as my lashes?

Yes! We will do your lashes first and then your tan. The lashes will be cured before your tan, but if you like to be extra protective there are disposable eye covers available.

Will I be orange or end up an 8 like Ross?

Absolutely not. Our solution is made with the highest quality DHA that is derived from organic sugar beets and sugar cane instead of beta-carotene (carrot extract). This guarantees that your tan will be golden brown. And since your tan is customized and applied by a professional, there is no counting Mississippi-ly to worry about!