Flutter Junkies


Bringing Flutter Junkies to Canada!

Flutter Junkies are designed to be in small bunches or “flutters”.
This allows for customization to your eyes and no more lifting on the edges.
With the super easy to use adhesive liner, available in clear or black, you can apply the flutters within 4 minutes, and they last ALL day.
No need for mascara if you don’t want to. You can exercise, go super natural or dress up.
Apply them below your lash line or on top! It’s totally up to you.

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Clear Adhesive, Black Adhesive, Brown Adhesive, Tweezers, Cleansing Oil, Monroe Lash, Yuki Lash, Roxie Lash, Whitney Lash, Kim Lash, Monroe Kit, Yuki Kit, Roxie Kit, Whitney Kit, Kim Kit


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