Black Gold Adhesive

Pricing only for Lash Professionals

Black Gold Adhesive

For Professional Use Only

The only adhesive in the world that’s not fussy to humidity or temperature.
Great for Classic, Russian Volume and Mega Volume Lashes
• Stays fresh for 1 hour before needing replacing
• No specific humidity / temperature needed
• 8 Week holding / retention power (3 week refills)
• .05-2 second dry time
• Low fumes
• Flexible hold

Lash Fox Beauty is proud to be a distributor of Lethal Lashes Products.
A Canadian, female owned business.

Black gold adhesive will be your new bff. Humidity and temperature flexible, low fume, easy storage, great retention, it has it all.

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For best practice:

This adhesive needs to breathe! Do not store in airtight containers, rice, drawers, bags etc. Leave on lash cart, out of direct sunlight and heat.

Use a professional lash shampoo, no concentrates. The client should shampoo 2 times for new sets and 1 time within the hour before the appointment for refills, they should also be maintaining a shampoo routine at home. Clients should wash every 2nd day for oily skin, and every 3 days for normal skin.
It is not recommended to perform lash baths. If you are lash bathing and begin to have retention problems we suggest you stop.

Use a professional grade primer, no saline, witch hazel etc. Our primer is unique as it will remove oil, proteins, and makeup from the lashes to secure a strong lasting bond and set up the natural lashes for the adhesive. *Coming Soon*

Do not use jade stones or glass, this is for old school adhesive, using that with Black Gold will make it flat and cure fast. We suggest glue rings or wells only

As with all adhesives, it is highly recommended to perform a patch test on clients: Apply 4-6 small lashes on the outer eye, wait 72 hours. If within those 72 hours the client has had zero discomforts you can go ahead with a new set.
*Patch tests are not a guarantee but they can help us determine before committing*

If you have trouble using the adhesive to its optimal level please contact us, or you can reach out to the supplier via email at

Storage: Store at room temperature on lash cart. Do not put into adhesive container, rice or any other packaging.
Expiration: Opened bottle – 2-3 months
*It is best to go by the consistency in the bottle.
If it gets stringy or thick it is time to replace it*
Unopened: up to a year
Consistency: Thin and Watery
Dry Time: .05 – 1-2 Seconds
Fume: None –Low
Application: Shake no more than 10-15 seconds. Flip bottle completely upside down. Press nozzle down to release the drops, release pressure on the bottle to stop the drops, then flip it completely upright, inspect the lid and nozzle for adhesive and wipe clean with a nozzle wipe. Highly recommended to use a glue ring. Dip lash in and come straight out slowly. You should see zero adhesive on the lash, then place. No painting, wiping or adhesive bubbles.
Humidity & Temp: Do not worry about the humidity or the temperature. The adhesive through testing works great in any environment. The only time temperature plays a role is if it’s in direct sunlight or 28+ degrees as it may become compromised.

Important Notes:

Highly recommended to not order in the summer months; do local pick up only. With all adhesive on the market it’s suggested to order enough product in the spring (cool months) to get you through the summer (hot months) otherwise the adhesive could be compromised due to heat during shipping.

*We are not responsible for the way in which you use, or care for the adhesive or any damage that may occur resulting in the misuse or failure to adhere to our instruction*

**We highly recommend you use a mask with any lash adhesive at all times. Contact your countries requirements for proper PPE, and approved respirator. Dust masks that are commonly used are not sufficient protection.

If you require assistance with usage or retention issues our customer service will be happy to assist and direct you to getting the best retention possible.

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