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Wax Preparation

For the best (and most painless) results, your hair should be roughly 0.5 cm long before waxing so that the wax can grip and remove it easily. For most people, this is roughly 2-3 weeks’ growth. If the hair is too short, the wax will have a tough time sticking to the hair, and if it’s too long it could make the treatment a little uncomfortable.

Gently exfoliate your skin with a body scrub and mitt 48 hours before your appointment. This banishes any dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Exfoliation also helps to loosen any trapped hairs that could otherwise remain stubbornly attached during your treatment. It’s best to do it a couple of days before so that you don’t irritate the skin right before your wax.

Arrive to your wax:

If you are having an area hidden by clothing waxed, be sure to wear loose clothing and shoes (open toe sandals are best) so the fabric does not irritate the freshly waxed skin. If you are having your face waxed wash off all makeup and moisturizers.

If you are having your legs waxed please wear, or bring, shorts.

All areas will be cleansed prior to the procedure, however your preparation will assist in your best results.

Post Wax

We recommend that you avoid gyms, saunas and steam rooms for at least 48 hours after your waxing treatment. Working up a sweat before the hair follicles have closed properly can lead to irritated skin. Similarly, stay away from sunbeds and UV exposure, as the heat can clog the follicles and cause redness and bumps.

After waxing, your skin may feel overly sensitive. We recommend having cool showers and that you avoid scrubbing or exfoliating the treated area for three days to give the skin time to settle. If you’ve had your underarms waxed, avoid deodorants for 24 hours post-treatment. Use only mild, unscented soaps and shower gels until your pores fully close.

Three days after your treatment, it’s a good idea to gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and avoid ingrown hairs. Use a body scrub designed for sensitive skin and rub softly in circular movements to prevent hair from becoming trapped under the skin as the follicles close. After exfoliating, follow up with a rich, nourishing moisturizer to further minimize ingrown hairs.


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