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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Who is a candidate for lash extensions?

Anyone who would like to have longer or easy care lashes.  As most lash extensions have a natural curl to them, they thicken and lengthen the appearance of your lash, so anyone who has difficulty applying mascara or curling lashes should consider extensions.  If you have an active lifestyle, play sports or swim you may enjoy the ease of care with lashes.

Who is not a candidate for lash extensions?

Because these lashes are adhered to your natural lash, if you have weak lashes or eyelash loss, extensions will not be able to be applied. Some people may be allergic to the adhesive. When in doubt, ask for a allergy test at least 24 hours before applying the lashes. If you sleep on your stomach, rub your eyes a lot or are committed to mascara, lash extensions may not be for you.

Will Lash Fox Beauty do a lash fill on existing lashes from another place?

On a case by case basis. Please select foreign fill from the second page when requesting your appointment. Know that the work cannot be guaranteed, and a removal and full set application may be recommended if the current lashes are causing any harm to the natural lash, or clumped together making it impossible to work on. For best results book a removal and full set.

Is the product FDA approved? Is it safe?

Currently the FDA is not regulating eyelash extensions because eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelashes and do not touch the skin. The glue used at Lash Fox contains no formaldehyde and low to no fumes.  However, improper application by an unqualified technician can cause damage to the eyes and eyelids.

How much do lash extensions cost?

Please see the services page for current prices at Lash Fox Beauty.

Who can apply eyelash extensions?

In most areas, a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, can provide lash extension services.  In addition, this person should have been properly trained and certified in proper lash extension techniques and mastered them. As the industry in BC is unregulated, never feel bad about asking to see your artists certifications.

What should I know before I schedule an appointment?

Know the cancellation policy, and know if you will be charged if the service may not be performed on you. Find out what products are used and make sure you are comfortable with them. See if you can schedule a consultation with the technician.  During this consultation you may ask to see before and after pictures of their work and have a patch test done for glue sensitivity.  This should be done at least 48 hours ahead of time.

What should I know before I go to my appointment?

When you go to your appointment you should have absolutely no makeup or oil based products on or around your eye area. Remove all eye makeup the night before with an oil free cleanser. Make sure you have no trace of mascara on your lashes. If you are planning a facial, do it before your lashes are applied.  The steam from your facial will weaken your lash bond. Plan your life so that your lashes will be able to fully bond to your natural lashes. If you wear your contacts to the appointment, know that you should remove them during the procedure for your safety.

Do lash extensions come in different colors and sizes?

Yes they do, everything about the extensions is customizable to you. There are several different lash colors and lengths, thicknesses and degrees of curl. Lashes are available in multiple colors. Because these lashes are semi permanent, most people will select black lashes.  The length that you choose is dependent on the reason you want to have lash extensions. Discuss this with your technician to personalize your look.

How long do lash extensions last?

When properly applied, the lashes can last up to 2 months depending on the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes (average about 90-120 days), the expertise of the technician applying the eyelash extensions and your proper care. Touch-ups are recommended after initial full set application to replace any lashes that might have grown out. These touch-ups should reoccur every 2 – 3 weeks if you wish to maintain the optimum look of your lashes.

How will the lashes feel?

Your lashes should look and feel very natural when properly applied.  You should not feel any difference after your lashes have been applied.   If you do feel a difference contact your professional immediately. Depending on the length of the lashes you choose, your lashes may touch your sunglasses or regular glasses.  If that occurs and bothers you, you may want to select a shorter length in the future.

What do I need to do after the lash extensions are applied?

It is suggested that you follow the Do’s and Do not’s listed below.  Make sure that your life can accommodate these 24 hours after the application of your lash extensions:


  • Be gentle with your eyes
  • Comb your lashes
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts (for your appointment and 12 hours after)
  • Sleep on your back as often as you can
  • If you are a side sleeper, ask your technician about specialized sleep masks
  • Check with your technician to see if they have any other restrictions or requirements after application

Do not’s

  • Do Not rub your eyes
  • Do Not pull on your lashes
  • Do Not wear mascara of any type
  • Do Not wear your contact lenses (12 hours)
  • Do Not take a shower or hot bath (24 hours)
  • Do Not use a steam room(24 hours)
  • Do Not exercise as sweat can cause break down of adhesive (24 hours)
  • Do Not swim or use a spa (24 hours)
  • Do not allow moisturizes, eye creams or oily/creamy eye makeup removers to come in contact with the Eyelash Extensions.  Any products containing oils used at any time will break down the bond of the glue resulting in earlier touch-ups

Note – After the first 24 hours the Do Not’s listed above with time stamps are ok to do. But know that doing any of the activities for extended periods of time or very frequently can cause retention issues (cause the lash bond to break down and fall off instead of shed with your natural cycle

Can I shower, swim, exercise and visit a spa while wearing my lash extensions?

Yes! After the 24 hour curing time, you are able to take a shower, swim, exercise, sleep and spa while wearing your lash extensions. However frequently doing these activities can result in needing fills more often. You can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle.

Can I use the steam room and sauna?

After the initial 24 hour period, occasional short visits to the sauna or steam room is fine. However, daily or extensive exposure to steam or intense heat may cause the bond to loosen. If this happens, you may require more frequent fills to correct any lashes that may have fallen off

Can I use Mascara?

Please do not. One of the advantages of lash extensions is you do not need to wear mascara. If you must add some to your lashes, please use a water soluble mascara; however note that constant use of any mascara will shorten the life-span of your lashes. WATERPROOF MASCARA IS NOT RECOMMENDED as it will dissolve the bond with the lashes and cause the lashes to come loose. If there is any mascara residue on your natural lashes at the time of your fill, the extension will not bond and you will have very poor retention.

How do I remove my makeup while I have lashes?

For best results talk to you technician about eyelash cleanser for purchase from our aftercare line for best results. Alternatively you may use a gentle, non-oil solution or gel-based cleanser to remove it. Avoid cotton balls and use fingertips or applicator around eyes instead.

What is the best way to maintain my lashes?

Follow all care guidelines, clean and comb your lashes and get regular touch-up every two to three weeks.  Remember, the better you care for the extensions, the longer they will last!

What should I do if I decide I do not want to wear lash extensions anymore?

If you decide that eyelash extensions are not for you, have them professionally removed, or allow to fall out with your natural lash. DO NOT PULL THEM OFF. They are glued to your lash not your skin and if you pick or pull them off you risk damaging or pulling out your natural lash. The regrowth period of lashes is around 7 weeks, and if you pull out a natural lash prematurely you will have a bald spot for that time, or possibly permanently.

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