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Benefits of Sugaring

1) Pure and Natural Ingredients 

The sugar paste I use only contains sugar, water, and citric acid (lemon) as a preservative. It is all natural and even edible! No petrochemicals or polymers.

2) No Risk of Burning

So many people have been burned (not by me!) by wax, resulting in painful welts and in some cases, scarring. This happens when the esthetician performing the waxing neglects to test the wax before applying it to the client. It is SO easy for wax to get too hot–and can happen very quickly. Sugar paste is only warmed to about body temperature, which results in no risk of burning and less swelling, since heat draws blood and fluid to the skin even if no burning occurs.

3) Easier To Clean Up

Since sugar paste only contains sugar, water, and citric acid, it is water soluble. If you’ve ever had anything waxed, you have probably noticed that sticky feeling you get after. This is a result of wax residue being left on the skin. It does usually come off within a day or two, but is nonetheless uncomfortable! Sugar paste dissolves immediately when water is applied. This means no sticky feeling for you and only smooth results!

4) Sugar Paste Won’t Stick to Live Skin

Since sugar paste is water soluble, it won’t stick to water-containing live cells. Wax sticks to live skin cells, leaving redness and irritation post treatment. Sugaring only removes dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth! Also, since live cells aren’t removed during sugaring, it is less painful than waxing.

5) Sugar Never Dries on Skin

If you’ve ever been in the waxing room and your esthetician has trouble removing the wax, it’s because the wax has cooled and dried on the skin. Sometimes this can be remedied by applying hard wax over and removing, but sometimes that doesn’t work and the wax must be removed with an oil based wax remover. This can be a painful process–as if waxing didn’t hurt enough! I could literally apply the sugar, take a phone call, and come back and remove it without any problems. Not that I’d take a phone call in the middle of an appointment! This also means your hair removal appointment is quicker. I apply the sugar and remove. I never have to go back into the pot of sugar–I take everything I need for the service at the very beginning.

6) Sugaring is More Sanitary

Since I only get sugar out of the pot one time per service, there is less chance of contamination. Furthermore, since the sugar content is so high, bacteria cannot grow in a pot of sugar paste.

7) Sugaring Will Not Break As Many Hairs

Waxing breaks about one third, or 30%, of the hairs as they are removed. This means the hair breaks at or just below the skin’s surface instead of being removed at the root. This means you see some hair immediatly. It’s frustrating when you just spent the money to be hair free for a month and see hair growing in within a week! During sugaring, the sugar paste is applied to the skin against the direction of hair growth. This allows the sugar to penetrate the hair follicle and lubricate it. Then, the hair is removed in the direction of growth. This means little breakage occurs, leaving you smoother for longer.

8) Sugaring Removes Very Short Hairs

In order for wax to grab and remove hair, it needs to be about one quarter of an inch (1/4″) long. That is around 2 weeks of growth for most people. Sugaring has the ability to remove hairs much shorter than that–about one sixteenth of an inch (1/16″)! That is about 7 days of growth. This means you can go into your appointment with shorter hair and be smooth more quickly than you could with waxing.

9) Sugaring Leads to Permanency

When the hair is removed during the first phase of growth, the anagen phase, the bulb is also removed. During this stage of hair growth (up to about 1/4″) the bulb of the hair is connected to the blood supply. When the hair is removed, the follicle collapses and must rebuild itself in order to produce another hair. This leads to a longer period of being hair free, and an eventual complete follicle atrophy–which means it won’t make any more hair! Most people see a reduction in hair regrowth in about 3-4 treatments, as long as those treatments are back to back and remove the hair during the anagen phase.


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